We are on a mission to help every new online coach get their business off the ground and growing steadily without ever feeling paralyzed by what to do next...

We believe that expert level coaching should be accessible to anyone who wants to make a difference in the world, no matter what stage of the game you’re at. We are waging war on the old ways of “Frankenstein-ing” your business strategies together from random webinars, courses and freebies found online, and instead providing you the exact next step you need to build momentum in your business.

Meet Laura

Laura’s zone of genius is working with coaches to achieve Inner Mastery. She empowers them to find clarity around their “why” and stand in their power as leaders in their own life. She believes that true success is built upon this foundation and that you must first learn to change your world before you can change the world. Laura’s expertise lies in her ability to help other leaders leave their fear gremlins behind and to embrace their weaknesses as their true superpowers so that they can turn their passion into their purpose and live a life out loud.

Laura Poburan
Landon Poburan

Meet Landon

Landon is the yin to Laura’s yang, providing the necessary Outer Strategy to take your business to the next level. You have probably tried a lot of different things to grow your business by now, a lot of which left you feeling more lost than before. His superpower is his ability to help you find the little thing that will make all the difference in your growth. He is your swiss army knife of strategies, allowing you to silence the noise of the industry and trust that with each step you take you are creating something bigger than just a business. You are turning your vision into a tangible reality that is aligned, resilient and scalable.

We believe that without inner mastery there isn’t one single strategy out there that will help you grow your business effectively.

Likewise, without a blueprint of the best strategies for you to access and utilize consistently, mastering your inner self will feel great but you won’t be able to take that to the bank. You must have a consistent input of both, combined with the accountability to take action, for your most profound growth to occur.

That’s where we come in.

We’ve been chasing our ultimate fulfillment for many years now

We started in humble beginnings with a cute little training studio and a tight knit family-like community. 3 years later we turned that into our half a million dollar dream facility, and not one year after we opened those new, hopeful doors – we closed them. In that moment it felt earth-shattering. It felt like the biggest failure we could have ever experienced. But we know now that it was that decision that was the ultimate catalyst for the path we are now on. On that day we traded $100,000 worth of debt for our happiness.

L2 Fitness Private Gym

This one decision, it set in motion the future we were always meant to live, and it began to cement into us the people we were meant to impact with our story.

Then one day…as we were walking back to our house after another Mojito – an unhealthy habit that had started to form with a resurgence of deep financial stress that we swore, when we closed the gym, would never happen to us again. There we were, both fighting back tears avoiding each other’s gaze…

“If we don’t close a new client, we won’t be able to buy groceries.”

Is what Landon had yelled.

After some of the most successful months we had ever had in business since closing the gym and we found ourselves in financial stress. After some unauthorized charges appeared on our credit card we were overdrawn, and beginning to panic.

We were desperate for help and were talking to experts that guaranteed they could help.

But…We simply had zero means to pay them.

Then the hard sales tactics ensued followed by our feelings of guilt and embarrassment. We were told that if we were truly serious we’d make it happen.

You know what? We were more driven than ever. That was NOT the issue.

It isn’t that we were incapable of executing, cheap, window shopping, or looking for free information. If we had the money, even on credit, we would have made the investment. But, we couldn’t.

Then one day we found ourselves doing some soul searching.

We sat down, thought hard, and brain dumped what we truly wanted. If money were NOT an issue in our business, WHAT would we be doing, WHO would we be helping?

And, that’s when had an epiphany…

Laura Poburan

We wanted to help as many coaches as we could

We realized the entire reason we created our digital courses in the first place was to help people that we could not work with personally…

But, the experts were constantly telling us to increase our prices…

We would listen to podcast after podcast saying you can’t make a living if you don’t charge $3-$10K for your programs…

I’ve taken multiple courses teaching the EXACT same thing…

And, they all tell you…That if someone won’t invest it’s because they are NOT WILLING TO PUT IN THE WORK.

But, we knew that just wasn’t true. Because it wasn’t true for us.

There were so many things in the industry that didn’t align with our values and it wasn’t until this moment we realized what we needed to do...

We needed to completely go against EVERYTHING the experts were teaching. We were going to find a way to charge less than everyone else.

Because, just like us…I am sure you are seeking help, but due to life you just can’t afford to invest at this time. You NEED the help. You WANT the help. But just because you can’t afford a few thousand dollars, everyone is passing you over.

We stood in that exact same place. We had more motivation than ever.

In an instant, we found a way to completely restructure our business so that we could help every trainer, every coach, with the invaluable information they need to build momentum in their business

The purpose we are meant to serve is to help the new coach, the struggling coach, the coach who feels lost and alone.

To impact millions of lives by giving YOU your voice, helping you find YOUR purpose and mission and ultimately helping you design your business around the big beautiful life you want to be living (instead of your business taking over your life)

To give you the right strategies combined with the right mindset the first time around.

To make you believe in yourself and use your happiness as your north star.

To give you a chance at clarity, resilience and scaleability without having to frankenstein-piece-together information you find online.

Oh, and to actually be there for you through it all. So that you feel supported, held accountable, and unstoppable.

Your chance is finally here.

The Momentum Lab Was Created For You

Start where you can, start where you are, build momentum, one little boost at a time.